Turquoise Bangle, Circles Bracelet, Half Bangle
Christina Christi

Turquoise Bangle, Circles Bracelet, Half Bangle

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Three different gold bracelets for women with unique style. The first one is a gold bracelet with circles, the second one is a gold bangle with a turquoise semi precious stone and the last one is a half bangle with chain that connects at the upper side. You can wear them separately or all together as set. MATERIALS - Bangle is Made from Brass. - Circles Bracelet is made from Brass. - Aluminium Chains. - Semiprecious Turquoise Stone. DIMENSIONS - Every bracelet, has length 16.5 cm (6,33'') - The bangle is soft enough to be adjusted. - Circles Bracelet is not adjustable. - Half Bangle Bracelet has the connection at the front side so it can not be adjusted. - If you would like to have more or less cm to your bracelets, you can inform me with a message in your order. PROTECTION - Protect them from water, parfumes, hair and body lotion to keep them bright and shiny for years. * IN THIS LISTING THERE ARE THREE DIFFERENT BRACELETS. IF YOU 'D LIKE THEM ALL, YOU HAVE TO PURCHA
The Turquoise Bangle, Circles Bracelet, Half Bangle is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

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