Mission Statement

White Rose Eclectics is a minority owned business that has been located in Aiken, SC since 2017. Our mission is to help women find their own personal style that is unique, that you are comfortable with and that is affordable. 

We are supporters of artisan made products and try to carry as many artisan items as possible, whether they may be local or national artisans. 

White Rose has become a huge advocate for The Salvation Army and the work th they do. We are aware of the homeless situation in Aiken, and know this situation is going to get worse, here and everywhere, with the COVID-19 situation (loss of jobs).

Effective August 3rd, 2020, White Rose Eclectics will be donating 10% of our sales to The Salvation Army in Aiken. This donation applies whether you purchase in our boutique in Aiken, on this website or on our site at www.shopaiken.com. 

So remember, when you make a purchase from White Rose Eclectics, you are also helping The Salvation Army.

May God Bless.